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Gold International Machinery | The One Stop Shop for all of your Machinery, Equipment, Tool & Die Needs

Expert Witness Testimony

Benchmark Jewellery -v- Ernst + Young — CL NO. 14/93 Buddle Findlay Barristers + Solicitors, New Zealand In the High Court of New Zealand, Aukland Registry -Jewellery Tools & Dies / Casting Models and Molds. Valuation Dispute McCulloch -v- McCulloch — Judge Howard I. Lipsey Family Court, Rhode Island USA Textile Manufacturing Machinery – International Valuation Dispute APS Case#2000
Rhode Island Superior Court — Judge Bruce Silverstien For Law Firm, APS 1997 Rhode Island Superior Court — Judge Bruce Selya For Thomas Angelone, ESQ.
Rhode Island Superior Court — Judge Arthur N. Votolato For Allen Shine, ESQ. Universal Technology Inc. -v- Industrial Laser Systems — Judge Judith Friedman Allegheny County Civil Court For Donald R. Calaiaro ESQ. Laser Equipment Valuation Dispute
Verducci Creations V Traveller’s Insurance/Campagnone Superior Court, Providence, RI Yr. 2000 C. A. 96-6086 Gidley, Sarli & Marusak, LLP Jewelry Casting Models and Molds Valuation Dispute Arbitration – Expert Witness Yr. 2003 Engber & Engber— Cliff Engber, Esq. Greenwich, Ct. and Patricia Murphy American Arbitration For Jesse Bands, New York Peter Kilpinski V Philip Pearlmutter and Surendra Karnavat Jewelry Machinery and Equipment Valuation Dispute
Automatic Findings -v- Industry Association — case: 34-35 v 1-10  Supreme Court of the State of New York, Brooklyn Hon Judge Francois Rivera — Court Dates: April 2009 & June 11, 2009 James Anderson, Esq. of Smith, Buss + Jacobs, LLP Attorneys for Plaintiff

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