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NEW Cavallin/OAM Goldpro® Model Tetra TT1200 (Quad 4Hi) Ultra Precision Strip Rolling Mill For Thin Metal Strip Thickness Reduction & El

  The TT1200 combines the well established quad roller concept with advanced machine control technology to provide a machine capable of unsurpassed levels of Precision for Strip Finishing applications.   Extensive analysis has proven that highest levels of finished results can be obtained only by employing the unique four high roller system with intelligent, sensitive and flexible material handling systems. Integrating all of the necessary elements of control the working material though the rolling process, the TT1200 offers unrivalled levels of performance and precision, whilst at the same time maintaining a simplistic HMI.   The working material is managed by electronically user controllable semi automated feed and collection units, to ensure the correct levels of material stress and strain particularly when working materials of less than 50 microns. Material rolling thicknesses from 3 mm to 30 microns, with 2 micron tolerances are readily attainable and under the correct ambient and material conditions, final results of less than 5 microns thickness can be obtained. Dependent upon material conditions, initial single pass reduction of over 50% is possible, demonstrating the truly versatile and flexible nature of this machine.   Automated open circuit oil lubrication and closed water cooling circuit, are combined to maintain and guarantee the rolling surfaces and all critical components, in order to maximize finished results for an extended machine lifecycle.   A user selectable semi-closed circuit material oil circulation and recovery circuit, as well as a series of optional elements, are provided for to enhance and dedicate the machine for each individual customer application. 1
    • Quick Release Spools are fitted to the coiling Units as standard to facilitate both start up, and final material transport from the rolling mill.
    • Coiling Covers are available as an order option to protect working materials, with integrated machine auto stop providing additional security.
    • Oil / Air Spray is available as an enhanced order option to replace the standard “drip” type oil circuit. Provided with electronically configured user controls to enhance in process lubrification and working material cooling.
    • Material Breakage detection using a system of intelligent sensors is supplied as standard, to ensure full and automatic machine shut down in the event of material breakage.
    • Cleaning blocks are optionally available, with natural fibre pads for lock down to remove surplus oil.
    • Material Guides can be provided as an option for applications where there is a risk of excess material bow
    • Material Thickness Measurement is available as an additional option providing on line dynamic display. The standard machine provides an indication of the cylinder positions.
  Technical Data:  
  • Electrical – As Requested
  • Recommended Strip Width Range – 10 /50 MM
  • Approximate Strip Thickness Range 3mm to 30 Microns
  • Roll Width – 120 mm
  • Work Roll Diameter – 45 mm
  • Support Roll Diameter – 148 mm
  • Approx Dimensions:
    • 4′ 8″ DEEP x 5′ 8″ WIDE x 6′ HIGH
    • 1435MM DEEP x 1750MM WIDE x 1850mm HIGH
  Equipped With:  
  • Digital Controls
  • Quick Release Coil Spools
  • Powered Strip Coiling Units
  • Integrated Cleaning Blocks (Optional)
  • Integrated Coiling Covers (Optional)
  • Spare Work Roll Sets (Optional)€ 2,080.00
  • Supplied as three phase 400V 50Hz, and full compliance to CEIEN60204-1
  • Cylindes:
    • Standard, Hard Steel to 62-64 Hrc (Deviation less than 01 ­m)
    • On Request, Mirror Finished, Chrome plated or DLC Material providing hardness to 78Hc


Ex-Factory, Italy
Price: € 67.275,000 EUR
Plus Packing

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