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NEW TVN Mod. T2/6PV Two Passages Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine, 7.5mm max gold wire input

Inventory Number: n/a

Technical Specifications:

The machine is for the smoothing of the thread of big dimension that coming out of the rolling mill or from the continuous casting furnace. This allows the thread to obtain the best and finest diameter in order to fit into the other multiple wire-drawing machines. This machine is for the tube drawing to cap floating. The machine has two speeds, can also be active through foot-pedal, it has a forced lubrication on the plate and a safety micro-switch on the reel.

  • Diameter drag coiler 600mm.
  • Revolving protection on the work top with safety micro-switch.
  • Pressure roller in plastic material for containing the thread, with pneumatically operated.
  • Electronic variation of velocity.
  • Wire-drawing speed 1-10 Meters/Minute max.
  • Wire input max 8,5mm on silver, 7,5mm on gold.
  • Reduction of section 10/15%.
  • Diameter drag coiler 600mm (23.62")
  • Installed horse power 5 HP.
  • Power supply 380 V. 50 HZ three-phase.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length 2800 mm
    • Width 1300 mm
    • Height 1450 mm
  • Approx Weight 840 Kg.


  • Net filter for coolant...€ 290,00
  • Adapter aluminum for dies diam. 28/45...€ 211,00
  • Rewinding group in series at the Mod.T2 with reel...€ 11.089,00
    diameter 250 mm, adjustable clutch group, adjustable
    roll prebending and electronic variation of speed
  • Adjustable incision head with anchorage clamp four incision rollers...€ 3.462,00


TWO PASSAGES, gold wire - drawing diameter 7 mm
and silver diameter 7 mm, downcoil diameter 600 mm, 10 KW. with electronic variation of speed up to 50 Meters/Min.– special

Ex-Factory, Italy
Price: € 32.241,00

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