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Dies Produced

Our standard set of Tools & Dies
Fine detail engraving on these Cameo Dies

A- Round Blanking Tool

B- These Forming Dies have nests for the blanks to sit in.
The Forces or Forcers have guide pins in them for
easy no mistake operator set up.
Some times as in this case they require a left and right Die.

C- Oval contour Trimming tool

Standard set of Earring Hoop Tool & Dies
Fine detail on these Cherub Dies

A- Blanking Tool with a fitted shape is designed
for easy embossing and minimum scrap

B- Left & Right Forming Dies with the nests screwed into
the Die and dowel pins to hold them in place.
The Forcers have two different diameter guide pins so that
the set up can not be done incorrectly.

C- Mitered or symmetrical Trimming tool is designed
for exact clean back to back soldering

Other types of Tools & Dies

A- Round Force and a round Die

B- Trimming Tool

Another Version

A- Rectangle Die and round force

B- Trimming Tool

Stamping Dies made for thick metal stamping

A- Blanking Tool with a striper plate designed to
strip the scrap off the Punch. Screws and dowel pins
to hold the striper and spacer in place as the blanking
process is done.

B- Stamping Die for high tonnage striking.

Multi station Piercing Tools are designed to
minimize the amount of piercing operations necessary.

Graphite Electrodes designed and made to any necessary
speciation used in Sinker Electronic Discharge Machines.

Large piece slot push out Blanking Tools
These are made so that the blanks are pushed out sideways. We manufacture them as to your press or our press specifications.
Note: On this Type of Tool the Punches require ½ " long life.

Money clip standard fall through Blanking Tools with striper plate and spacers
Note: the ½" long life on the punch.

This double cross blanking Die is designed to minimize the scrap factor.
It has a stripper plate to pull the scrap off the punch.
The punch mesures 1 1/4 inches in lenght in the punch holder.
This work was done on our wire EDM.

This second picture shows the double cross die with the stripper plate
removed so you can see the two guides that hold the strip sheet in place
as the sheet travels through the Die. note the long punch life.

This third picture shows a full set two diffrent sizes.

This picture shows a plain blanking Tool in the press
where the stripper fingers are part of the press assembly
not part of the blanking tool.

This second picture shows the sheet strip being run through the press.
The stripper fingers pull the scrap sheet off the punch.

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