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NEW GoldPro® Model: SL250AE Advanced L Series Rolling Mill

Inventory Number: SL250

Technical Specifications:

The GoldPro® Rolling Mills of the L series have been specifically developed, and produced for large scale volume production breaking down environments of strip form materials.

With a capacity to roll material from a starting thickness of 45mm and a strip width of 120mm, this rolling mill represents the most cost effective machine solution for these types of production applications.

The user interface provides constant process information, as well as advanced alarm and diagnostics status.

The machine contains fully automated semi-closed circuit lubrification and cooling circuits to guarantee both the longevity of the machines vital components, and the ambient laminating conditions.

Electronic adjustment versions are available, where the laminating distance between the rolling surfaces is electronically operated by a simplified user control panel, with the machines’ advanced management systems controlled by an integrated PLC. The touchscreen display allows to store and manage recipes, to control and modify all the machine parameters

Technical Data:

  • Installed electrical power: kW 15
  • Maximum Torque: Nm 10.000
  • Reduction ratio: 1:112
  • Reduction from: mm 45
  • Reduction to: mm 0.35
  • Tolerance on the laminate: mm +/- 0.04
  • Working Rollers diameter: mm 162
  • Working Rollers width: mm 250
  • Rollers characteristics: Special steel hardened to 63-64 Hrc, roughness 0,8 Ra
  • Theoretical production speed: m/min 8,2, reversible
  • Supports lubrication system automatic, with oil recovery through gear pump equipped with distributor and pressure control
  • Cooling system: through water, the system is equipped with a timer and temperature control device for the entry water
  • Rollers supports: Steel with brass bushings
  • Electrical system: the system is equipped of a numerical control - PLC - monitoring the main functions, motor, water and oil, signalling through visual/sonorous alarms any eventual anomalies (Electronic adjustment version).

Ex-Factory, Italy
Price: € 111,333.00
Packing: € 1,000.00

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