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NEW TVN Automatic sawing machine for tube cutting Mod. SA/T35

Inventory Number: SA-T35

Technical Specifications:

The machine cuts circular tubes with maximum diameter 35 mm and variable thickness from 0,5 to 3 mm. Cutting size with precision and constancy 0,05 mm. Locking of tube by pneumatic chuck with three jaws completely automated.

Feeding of tube is made through a pneumatic pincer with two jaws with maximum cutting stroke 100 mm. Cut with circular saws in HSS or in tungsten carbide with maximum diameter 70 mm and thickness from 0,3 to 0,8 mm.

Saw chuck with oblique, precision and high speed bearings, and saw linkage diameter 10 mm. Through a control terminal “touch screen” it is possible to settle all the cutting parameters and adjust all the movements of the machine. These parameters can be called again, modified, saved and used again after years and years. Pre-setting of the cuts’ number.

Closed circuit lubrication with filings separation.

The machine has an input support with rollers and adjustment of the height to put right in the centre the tube.

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions:
  • Length 1200mm
  • Lenght with support 2600 mm
  • Width 1200 mm
  • Height 1300 mm
  • Approx. Weight kg


  • Construction standards in accordance to “CE” with respective documentation


  • Suction on the cut.
  • Micro-lubrication.
  • Installed horse power 1,5 KW.
  • Power supply 400 V. 50 HZ. Three-phase
  • Serie guide per tubo 228,00 €
  • Series of guides for tube
  • Series of jaws for chuck (3 pieces) 457,00 €
  • Series of pinces for two pieces 257,00 €
  • Guide bar in entry 3.999,00 €
  • Circular saw diameter 63 HSS ------- €
  • Circular saw diameter 63-tungsten carbide ------- €

Ex-Factory, Italy
Price: € 25.434,00
Packing: € 331,00Check the latest exchange rate
Listed price subject to manufacturers price increases without notice.


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