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Ring Mesh Manufacturing Equipment

Click for full size imageWe have been building quality stainless steel ring mesh (metal mesh/chain mail) machines since 1979.  This machinery is used to manufacture safety apparell for industry and private consumers. These machines are the fastest mesh producing machines in the industry, and  each ring is individually welded in the process.  Although various wire materials can be used, the machines are designed for the efficient processing of stainless steel.

We can design and build machines to your specifications, to manufacture the size of mesh that fits your requirements. These machines will quickly pay for themselves. «Note: Mesh machines require 2-Resistance Welders each. Each Resistance Welder has 2 welding heads » Along with Mesh Machines, we also offers Joining Machines, which are used to rejoin cut patterns of mesh into the finished product.

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These Mesh Machines measure app- roximately 5 ft. H x 3ft. W x 3 ft. L.  Since the mesh is manufactured in tubes being processed toward the ceiling, a higher overhead is recommended (10-12 ft).
GoldPro® also offers on site installation and training for qualified buyers.
And along with mesh and joining machines, we also have equipment for the further processing of mesh (cutters, tumblers, dryers, checking tables, etc.)

Please contact us for more information, and to make an appointment for a full demonstration!

Available in 3 Standard Sizes:


The production rate for the three sizes of RingMesh is approximately as follows:

#150 – 0.8 square feet per hour
#210 – 1.7 square feet per hour
#275 – 3.8 square feet per hour
These approximations are based on the operation by experienced machine operators, on perfectly maintained machines.


Each joining machine requires one resistance welder. Each mesh machine has two heads and therefor requires two resistance welders.  

Each Resistance Welder costs $5,830.00 USD in 50 or 60 Cycle


NOTE: We currently  have ONE(1) Pre-Owned , #210 mesh machine, and ONE(1) #210 joining machine available, subject to prior sale, priced for  $91,400.00, including the three(3) new welding units required.  Included 30 hours of training at the factory in Massachusetts, USA. 

Payment Terms: 50% with order — 50% prior to shipment of units.

*Used prices are per machine, depending on availability (equipped with new welding units).

Prices are subject to change without notice.



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