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NEW LMS GOLDPRO® CNC High Speed 600 Ton Hydraulic Coining, Blanking, Stamping Press

Inventory Number: T.600 4C

Technical Specifications:

Control Panel

  • New design swinging / height adjustable monitor.
  • Allen-Bradley colour touch screen 10”.
  • USB + Ethernet connection + Teleassistance (wi-fi, 4G, Ethernet)
  • Multiple pressing with timer. This device allows having three pressings with
  • closed die. In this way the material is stretched at different pressures and dwelltimes,
  • and the user reduce or avoid annealing the piece in the furnace with
  • better results in relief.
  •  Possibility to change the pressing speed by setting increasing and decreasing
  • pressure ramps (a certain pressure in a certain timing).
  • Hologram function.
  • Lifting function.
  • Die cleaning function.
  • Operative cycle with fine position position control ± 0.01 mm.
  • Operative cycle with fine pressure control ± 1% precision.
  • Setting up of the pressure through display keyboard.
  • Safety working limit of the pressure set up by the user.
  • Hours counter device.
  • Axis reset.
  • Wiring to fit an automatic feeder.
  • Pressing mode - Programs:
  • Manual - Automatic - Continue (with automation).
  • Real position for UDC and BDC.
  • Timer for upper and lower extractors.
  • Programmable “virtual cams” on upward – downward movement of the piston.
  • Counter pieces device (increase, decrease or reset of the pieces). Setting of the
  • pieces to do, with stop of the machine at this reaching.
  • Cycle time for every cycle with chronometer.
  • Oil temperature and settings for water input (option).
  • Signal messages for wrong data entry.
  • Breakdowns research with stop of the machine, alarm messages, checks to
  • restore the machine.
  • Instructions displayed in 4 languages (Italian - English - French - German).
  • Memory of 1000 different programs


The Main piston

  • Press Force 300-6000 kN
  • Ram Stroke 0 – 200 mm.
  • Max. service pressure 315 bar.
  • Closing speed 383 mm./ second.
  • Pressing speed 4,6 mm./ second.
  • Opening speed 290 mm./ second.
  • Opening power of the piston 340 kN.
  • Position of the UDC adjustable by Digital Control Display.
  • Position of the brake of the piston adjustable by Digital Control Display
  • Position of the BDC adjustable by Digital Control Display.



  • Safety front photocells level 4 complete with pedal control.
  • Pneumatic safety shield.
  • Mould’s Safety program: Pressure control in the bottom position to avoid
  • double charging – wrong positioning.
  • Declaration “CE” in accordance with the European Machine Regulation
  • 2006/42/EG
  • Immediate stop of the piston when it joins the bottom set position. This allows
  • the best safety for the tools (difference ± 0,01 mm. height stop).
  • Safety of the high and low extra-strokes.
  • Check of the pressure with two defined heights, lower and upper, to the set
  • working pressure.
  • Safety valve with monitor to support the mobile plane, fixed directly on the
  • cylinder block. This valve prevents a possible fall of the piston.
  • LED lighting of the working area.
  • Anti-vibrations feet.


Lower ejector (Option)

  • The ejector cylinder is fixed on a slide, which allows a fast dismantling without
  • removing any pipe or electric wire.
  • Adjustable extraction speed.
  • Automatic or manual selection of the ejector.
  • Hydraulic cushion included (it is possible to work with contra-pressure).
  • Timer of the ejection.
  • Adjustable force kN 0 - 80
  • Adjustable stroke mm 0 - 40 mm. (mechanical stop)
  • Surface (Ø) mm 10,5


Upper ejector (Option)

  • Automatic or manual selection of the ejector.
  • Timer of the ejection.
  • Is possible the ejection during the backward movement of the main piston.
  • Adjustable force kN 0 - 100
  • Adjustable stroke mm 10 mm
  • Surface (Ø) mm 10,5
  • 6Water heat exchanger
  • It allows cooling the hydraulic oil with a bundle of copper pipes cooled by the
  • water. Located outside the oil tank and easy to check.
  • 7Temperature device (Option)
  • Allows a control of the oil temperature.
  • An electronic device displays the temperature and it controls a valve that adjusts
  • the water flow according to the temperature of the hydraulic oil. This allows
  • sparing the consumption of water (optional).
  • Safety limit temperature with 2 levels: first level allow the input of water to cool
  • the oil. Second level warning with a red light blinking. Both levels can be set by
  • the user.


Building characteristics

  • Strong, rigid, compact press frame for down stroking action with centric
  • loading. 4 columns structure with lower table made in forged steel.
  • The cylinder is got from the same upper part of the press frame, forged in
  • one piece in order to have the steel’s fibres placed in a normal way during the
  • efforts of the working phases
  • The guidance of the press ram is effected by 7 points flat guidance at the
  • upper pressure plate: by the four columns of the press, the press piston and the
  • two side quick-action pistons.
  • T h e press piston and the two side quick-action pistons are grinded and
  • chromium-plated hard surface, super finished.
  •  Tool space accessibility through front to four sides.
  • Compact design on common baseplate for press frame, switch cabinet and
  • hydraulic aggregate with sound absorbing housing.
  • The main oil tank is designed onto the press bottom, in order to have great
  • stability and vibrations free and very low maintenance.
  • Hydraulic pumps and filters located outside the oil tank, for an easy checking.
  • Special “low noise” Made in Germany pumps.
  • Air Cooler for hydraulic components.
  • Designed for manual and optionally automatic feeding.
  • Fixture safety ram stroke limitation for working in tool space.
  • Labels, instruction manual in your Country language.
  • Front light between columns: mm. 675
  • Daylight: mm. 550 (max.)
  • Table plate: mm. 550 x 800
  • Overall weight without options: Kg. 11.000
  • Installed power: kW 30
  • Quantity of hydraulic oil (option): Kg. 480
  • Overall dimensions: mm. 1550 x 1730 x 3030 h.


EX-Factory, Italy

Front wooden table: Euro POR
Electronic temperature device, complete with electro-valve: Euro POR
Additional lower table: Euro POR
Lower hydraulic ejector 0÷11 tons, complete with foot-pedal,
hydraulic cushion and timer.:  Euro POR
Hobbing tool, Clamping Kit:  Euro POR
Two hands safety device Euro:  POR

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