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New GoldPro® Tiger 3D Printers for Jewelry, Research & Development

Inventory Number: GoldPro Tiger Printers

Technical Specifications:

Romanoff International Supply Corporation has been in business since 1949, servicing the precious and semiprecious manufacturing industries. For more than a decade, Romanoff has provided 3D printing solutions to jewelers and designers worldwide. Gold Machinery & Romanoff proudly represents Tiger3D printers, the best high resolution and professional grade resin 3D printer in the market. Tiger3D printer is designed for jewelers.

  • Highest resolution: As fine as 30 Um
  • High precision: 5 to 100 Um layer thickness
  • Build Envelope: Up to 150 x 84.4 x 120 mm
  • Productivity: Up to 65 Rings @ 3 Hours
  • Engineered materials: Castable and all purpose materials


The most advanced high definition DLP 3D printer in the industry.

Tiger3D Printers utilize DLP (Digital Light Projection) technology. This high resolution approach, combined with a state of the art proprietary optics system, will project an accurate and uniform image to the building platform.  

Out-of-this-World Surface Quality

Tiger3D printers were designed with the smoothest surface quality in mind. Its uniquePLS (Protective Layering System) takes smoothness to the next level. PLS combined with proprietary Floating Glass Technology (FGT) ensures the perfect ratio between smoothness, extreme high resolution and speed.


High Definition

True high definition. The most advanced 3D printing DLP system in the industry. Tiger3D printers set the standard for DLP high resolution. Its high-end LED DLP projector and proprietary technologies (PLS/FGT) provide the best resolution, requires less supports and improves accuracy. Period.


Casting Stability

Tiger3D printing resins are formulated to provide clean burnout and casting stability. Whether you cast one custom piece or need large production, Tiger3D materials will meet and exceed your quality expectations.


Lead Time: 0-30 Days

Availability: Ex-Factory, NY USA

1 Year Warranty

Tiger3D XXL..... $12,995.00

Tiger3D XL........ $9,995.00

Tiger3D HD........ $9,995.00

Tiger3D XHD...... $9,995.00

Tiger3D Burgundy Resin.... $359.90

Tiger3D Teflon Tank.... $139.95

Shipping & Handling for 1 Unit... $399.99

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