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New GoldPro® Fryer CM-15 CNC Machining Center – MANUFACTURED IN THE USA

Inventory Number: CM-15

Technical Specifications:

  • 220 VAC 3-Phase (Standard)   440 VAC is available at extra charge
  • 8 tool automatic tool changer CM-15
  • 10 tool automatic tool changer CM-20
  • Full enclosure with door safety switch and top cover
  • 500 IPM rapid traverse feedrate
  • 7.5 HP, 40 taper 8,000 RPM spindle
  • Rugged cast iron construction
  • 4 nozzle built-in coolant ring
  • High output LED work lamp
  • PLC way lube pump virtually eliminates tramp oil from coolant
  • Power failure protection
  • All axes laser calibrated & ballbar verified
  • Hand built precision +/- .0002”
  • One year warranty
  • Simple menu programming - no codes of any kind
  • G code editor runs Fanuc or Haas G code
  • Concurrent verify makes programming faster and easier
  • Solid model part verification shows entire part being cut
  • Handwheel run feature makes proving out programs safer
  • Simple tool management - increases productivity
  • 5 MB part program storage
  • USB port for easy file transfers
  • Regenerative drives save 40% on energy use
  • Siemens High Speed all digital control system - Ultra reliable
  • Siemens Absolute encoders - no homing required
  • Siemens Digital motors, drives and cables
  • Automatic part & tool probe cycles
  • 99 work offsets and 99 tool offsets
  • Coordinate, rotation and scaling
  • User defined macros with 500 variables


The Fryer CM Series is the perfect tool for toolroom, job shop and secondary operations.  Built on a solid cast iron platform and using high precision ballscrews, spindle and ATC, the CM can hold the demanding tolerances that industry requires. Programming is accomplished with industry standard G code or Siemens advanced ‘Shop Mill’ programming.  Equipped with a impressive list of standard features the CM Series is by far the best compact milling machine available today.


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Equipped With:

  • TRAVELS: 15” x 10" x 15"
  • TABLE SIZE: 10” x 32”
  • 7.5 HP - 40 TAPER SPINDLE - 60 - 8,000 RPM



  • REMOTE ELECTRONIC HANDWHEEL Handy jog handwheel is located in a portable box. Features axis selector switch and a resolution selector for coarse or fine movement. Remote stop start is also included. Also features an innovative function which allows you to control the movement (forwards or backwards) and feedrate of running a part program (Handwheel Run).   Priced for $950.00 USD
  • 30,000 RPM 30 TAPER ELECTRIC SPINDLE (includes refrigeration unit, air purge seal, oil/air lube system, conversion of ATC to 30 taper) Priced for $29,950.00 USD
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Priced for $35,980.oo USD

Ex-Factory, USA

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