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NEW GoldPro® 7 Head Tube Forming Machine

sdfsdf Continuous forming machine for the production of tubes, pipes and profiles, welded or not, closed, open or customized, starting from a strip. Easy and strong machine suitable to form any metal with extremely reduced overall dimensions. The machine can carry out heavy rolling and forming operations, like core rolling forming and coiling to realize hollow wire chain in the various versions, aggraffato, placcato and similar. Working speed is adjusted by means of a frequency inverter;. All tools are adjustable and interchangeable with extreme easiness and rapidity, to give the best flexilibity of production. Welding is performed with the most up-to-date technologies depending on the metal used. Special version for hollow rope chain, sping rings, goldfilled and similar. Forming heads: 7 (5 vertical + 2 horizontal) Rolls: ø90 mm, special tool steel, tempered Shafts: ø35 mm Power: motor AC 2 kW with inverter drive, gearbox Speed: variable from 0 to 5 mt/min Overall dimensions and weight (standard machine). Overall dimensions 1600 x 500 x h = 1250 Weight 850 kg (approx) 5500.01.04 – Speed electronic regulation Frequency inverter drive for continuous speed regulation. 5500.02.01 – Forming tool for tube ø 20 mm, thickness 1,5 mm Consisting of 7 couples of rolls in hardened special tool steel and proper steel guides.


  HEKLA forming machie
550000 HEKLA forming machine 7 heads (without tool) 25.290,00 EURO
5500.01.02 voltage 400 V – 50 Hz (included)
5500.01.04 Speed electronic regulation 1.450,00 EURO
5500.02.01 Forming tool for tube 5.700,00 EURO
05.01 Migatronic TIG 160 welding machine with accessories and 4.950,00 EURO

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