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New GoldPro® Automatic Hollow Cable Chain Making with Plasma Welder Machine

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Inventory Number: AHHC-P

Technical Specifications:

  • Automatic Hydraulic Power Hollow Cable Chain Making Machine – with Plasma welding
  • Chain Diameter : 2.50 – 8.00mm
  • ( including ONE complete set Tooling )
  • SMC Pneumatic transmission
  • Panasonic Servo Motor Transmission
  • Mitsubishi PLC Control
  • MCU Control Resistance pulse plasma welding
  • 50 L Oil Pump Station 2.2KW 3HP 1430 rpm 7 Mpa /Flow & 16Mpa/Press Multi system control
  • Air Cooler system
  • Vertical hydraulic cylinder stroke investigation X 1
  • Vertical hydraulic cylinder X 1
  • Horizontal hydraulic cylinder X 1
  • 10 inch Touch Screen
  • 7 inch LED Display
  • 200 X Digital microscope
  • Koganei DTRY-ELL01 Electrostatic eliminator
  • Full automatic electrode compensation device
  • CE Safety protection device
  • Radiation Protection Goggles
  • Manual lifting aluminum + acrylic protective cover
  • Speed : 20 – 25 Link/min.
  • Measurement 165 High X 80 Long X 110cm Width
  • Weight Net 680Kgs




1. 1.20mm Atom chain is currently in the same style as the world's smallest chain (Italy OMBI products, but no, we are one dimensional welding) is a fully automatic welding (invention patents), and because the welding causes chain,
we can make smaller specifications such as: 1.00mm, this is a global need products. With a very large potential for development.


2. 2.50 - 8.00mm Hollow Cable chain, is the world's first fully automatic production equipment, products than anything on the market with the specifications of the chain of 1/3 light weight, and is a new multifunctional hydraulic power
of a process (patent), plasma welding device is used in the automatic compensation system (patent),


3. Cobra chain is currently on the market dimensional one fully automated mode, and the specifications are the smallest on the market (outside diameter 3.80mm), you can make any metal materials


Three equipment, mature technology, stable equipment, one person can control the operation of 30-50 units


Equipped With:


  • Cutting Mold Complete... $485.00
  • Vertical Press Mold Complete with Push Device... $1,587.00
  • Horizontal Mold Complete... $989.00
  • Precision claw box... $715.00
  • Feeder & Push Rod & Sleeve & Holding guide... $840.00

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Available Ex-Factory, China

Priced for: $60,260.00 USD

Packing/Crating/Freight Additional

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