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NEW LMS GOLDPRO® CNC High Speed 35 Ton Industrial Hydraulic Forging, Stamping Press

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Inventory Number: T.35 4CL

Technical Specifications:

  • Tonnage: 35
  • Daylight: 400 mm
  • Stroke: 250 mm
  • Table Dimensions: 450 x 640 mm
  • Side Light: 16 DIN 650
  • Approach Speed: 570 mm/sec
  • Press Speed: 9.5 mm/sec
  • Return Speed: 445 mm/sec
  • Main Motor: 3 Kw
  • Total Dimensions: 190 x 1340 x 2900 mm
  • Weight: 1900 Kg
  • Oil: 178 Kg



  • High productivity and very versatile machines for cold or with hot table pressing, suitable for coining, pressing, blanking, deep drawing, syntherizing, etc
  • Four columns structure presses, designed with finite elements method, highly dimensioned and with high rigidity; the automatically lubricated mobile table, which goes up and down on the four columns, and also a perfect parallelism between the two tables give an high degree of precision during pressing
  • Pressure control through proportional valve, high power backward force of pistons. Pumps and oil's cooling system located over the lower oil tank for an easy inspection.  Quick response hydraulic plant gives high reliability and reduces the working time
  • Provided with sophisticated control systems, these machines are supplied with touch screen numeric control to set the working programs
  • The machines are provided with all the safety devices, halogen lamp, antivibrations feet, very low noise pumps, and can be provided with photocells, automatic feeding, upper and lower extractor with hydraulic cushion, mechanical stop, blank holder, temperature control
  • Personalized options and specification modifications can be asked upon request.


Equipped With:

CNC Control Software

  • It is possible to memorize working programs, air blowers, extractors, virtual cams to control an automatic feeder and furthermore to set different pressure levels (with timer) in every working cycle
  • It is possible to manage pressure and degazing ramps, by reaching a certain pressure in a certain time
  • Provided with all the safety devices, axis reset, mould’s safety, pressure and position control
  • Selection of an administrator user at various levels, with password
  • Display of position and pressure in real time
  • Hundredth of millimeter adjustment of the working position
  • Cycle time calculation
  • Breakdowns research
  • Teleassistance
  • Touch screen terminal for convenient and flexible operator input choices
  • Includes CompactFlash card slot for transferring files, logging data, or system upgrades
  • Powerful graphics providing clear and crisp visuals
  • Machine Edition for advanced functionality including trending, expressions, data logging
  • Ethernet - USB

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Available Ex-Factory, Italy

Please Inquire for Price

Additional Lower Table: €POR

Hydraulic Oil: € POR

Crating of Machine TBD

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