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NEW Laservall – Master Kubo Laser Spot Welding Work Stations

Innovative � Ergonomic � Convenient � Precise

Laservall’s exclusive fiber optic beam delivery system creates a “flat top” beam profile permitting a homogeneous weld pool. This means no more dimple in the center of a weld caused by the concentration of heat in the center of the beam produced by other laser welders on the market. Additionally, fiber optics and motorized focusing technology allow the control of beam diameter such that spot size will remain totally consistent from the beginning to the end of a welding job regardless of power and repetition rate settings. No other welder on the market can provide equal weld consistency. Other features include:

  • Exclusive ergonomically designed flip-top bench top class I glovebox fits virtually anywhere in your facility
  • Compact power supply fits easily under a standard size work bench
  • Microprocessor-controlled command box with extra-large LCD display is removable for convenient, comfortable operation
  • Comprehensive and continuous system diagnostics immediately report faults in plain language on the LCD display
  • Extremely user friendly software designed for ease of operation
  • Advanced Pulse Filling� (�APF�) and pulse shaping capabilities optimize the quality, strength and physical appearance of welds

The KUBO Advantage

The KUBO laser machine consists of a pulsed, Nd:YAG laser. The entire system was designed and produced with a high degree of modularity so as to provide an ergonomic product featuring simplified maintenance. It is composed of a resonator and an electric cabinet containing the electrical power components and the cooling system, which are connected and form a single body of limited dimensions.

The KUBO is connected by means of an optic fiber to the work console, which is called the WWB (Welding Wired Box), inside of which is located the Joystick for the adjustment of parameters. The FME (evolved, motorized focusing device), which focuses the laser beam at the required position, is mounted on the top of the Glove Box.

The KUBO WWB is fitted with all of the safety devices needed to impede emission of potentially dangerous laser light.

The welding parameter control panel with its graphic display is attached to the cabinet with magnets. It can be detached and repositioned as preferred by the operator, thereby offering a feature which enhances the ergonomics of the entire system.

This mathematical model (click to enlarge) graphically represents beam profile of KUBO laser system.The cartesian graph shows two different profiles: the gray one is the profile of a traditional laser system; black is the profile of KUBO laser system. Flat top Gauss profile allows uniform material fusion for extremely precise and lasting welding.

Further information about KUBO, including Technical Specifications and a Gallery of samples, is available at the Laservall North America website.

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