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Inventory Number: 205AAS

Technical Specifications:

The 205 AAS is the next evolution of the highly successful 210VGP.
The 205 is a rugged, economical and highly sensitive instrument which is perfect for industrial, educational and QC operation.

  • Internal microprocessor generates calibration curvewith graphical and tabular formats
  • Dual lamp power, one for warm up
  • High throughput “stable beam” optical system
  • Modulated HCL power supply to cancel DC emission from flame
  • Digital readout for absorbance, emission, direcconcentration, lamp currents and PMT voltage
  • Autozero, integration and high gain damping features
  • Bandpass resolution from 0.2 - 0.7 - 2.0 nm
  • Burner safety interlock system for nitrous oxide/acetylene flame operation
  • High sensitivity detection using quartz PMT detector
  • Analog and digital output for chart recorders & PC data systems
  • Compact Size and rugged design

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 

  • Built-in microprocessor with Software for operation
  • Methods Library for Flame, Furnace, and Hydride
  • High Resolution Alphanumeric/Graphics Display
  • 3 Lamp Turret with power to each lamp
  •  In-Line Deuterium Background Corrector
  • Variable Giant Pulse Background Corrector (self reversal)
  • Wavelength range 185-900nm
  • Variable Slit Band Width 2A, 7A & 20A
  • Widerange Photomultiplier Detector (PMT)
  • Impact Bead Nebulizer
  • 10cm Acetylene Burner Head
  • Ability to add Graphite Furnace and Autosamplers
  • Outputs: RS-232, Parallel Port, Recorder



Available Ex-Factory, CT, USA

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ....... $16,245.99 USD


Flash Arrestor... $250.00 USD

Air Filter...$175.00 USD

Hollow Cathode Lamps...$945.00 USD

Aqueous Standard Solution for above elements... $198.00 USD

Acetylene Regulator... $279.00 USD

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