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FIOA / Italimpianti Refining System IAO/BR250 – Complete System, Machinery & Equipment – 100 kG / 16-hr DAY

Complete FIOA / Italimpianti Gold Refining System 
Model BR250 – 100 kG / 16-hr DAY
NEW 2012!
Machinery and Equipment – Complete
Gold Machinery is pleased to offer for sale a complete Refining Plant / System, with machinery and equipment.
The aqua regia gold refining tumbler is a new technology compared to static refining plants. This refining unit consists of one PPL tumbler with a total volume of about 400 litres, inclined to 30° and rotated by a motor, with the possibility to adjust the rotation speed. The rotation forces the gold grains to continuously rub against each other reducing the overall dissolution time. External to the tumbler there is a Pyrex glass condenser to condense the acid fumes reducing their overall volume, thus resulting in a easier fume neutralization operation. Another advantage is that it can work during the night without supervision. The maximum daily quantity you can refine every day is 50 kgs of gold grains with a final gold purity of 999,5/1000 (minimum). These rotating refining systems can refine gold grains as well as casting scraps and some types of precious ashes.
The plant is made up of IAO/BR250 Refining Plant & Special FIOA Unit for making Grains:
  • PPL tumbler with a total volume of about 400 litres
  • 2 Graduated tanks for HCl and HNO3. Acid transfer from the reactors by vacuum.
  • 2 Filter units on wheels with a compressed air diaphragm pump to transfer the solutions.
  • 1 500 litre cementation uit.
  • 1 Electrical board
This Package Includes Machinery & Equipment:
  • IAO/BR250 Refining Plant
  • Special FIOA Unit for making Grains
  • Stainless Steel “ALSI 316” Reactor to be used with Nitric Acid
  • Wheeled Vacuum Filtering Unit type BP630
  • High Power Water Jet Vacuum Pump
  • Dual-Column Automatic Water Demineralizers Tyle “2CA/30”
  • Multiple Mouds to form silver anodes
  • Recycling Tanks
  • Electrolytic Silver Refining Tank Type FB/4
  • Electronic Medium Frequency Melting Unit Type FIOA with Tilting System
  • Stabilized Power Rectifier “DA” 1000 AMP
  • Stainless Steel Shovel to recover Ag Crystals
  • Extruded graphite crucible
  • Silicon graphite crucible
  • Pure lead tablets
  • Lead Strips
  • Hot Air Drying and Washing Centrifuge type FIOA
  • Thermostatic Stove Dryer Type T5510
  • Special Electrical Immersion Pump
  • Suction Fan for Acid fumes
Great Opportunity!  Training Available On-Site
Priced for…$163,000. USD, Ex-Site Mexico
COST NEW IN 2012 – $372,000. USA
Please contact David Gold
for more information and pricing details on this complete package deal
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