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NEW Innotek N°01 Dissolving Plant, Model DR1418K/PAE

Inventory Number: dr1418

Technical Specifications:

Proceed as follows to refine alloys in which the percentage of gold does not exceed 25%:

  1. Melt the product to refine and form grains using the special shotblasting machine.
  2. Load the product reduced to grain in the special bags of Teflon fabric.
  3. Dissolve the copper and silver in the DR 1418K/PAE dissolution plant .
  4. Recover the product inside the Teflon bags.
  5. Capacity 1kg/pure gold /cyle (2/3 cycle /24h.)

The supply is as follows:

  • DR 1418K/PAE plant complete with power board for managing the working time and temperature for each reactor.
    Each of the reactors is provided with a magnetically driven stirrer.

    • storage tanks are installed in the structure for storing the following products:
    • 50 litre tank for storing acid for storing acid already used
    • 50 litre tank for rinsing water
  • 1 m³ gasometer for the nitric oxides produced during the dissolution phases and for abating them by means of oxygen to transform them into reusable nitric acid

Technical Data:

  • Overall dimensions
    • Total length 1800 mm
    • Heigth 3000 mm
    • Total width 1200 mm
    • Weight (when empty) 400 kg
  • Technical features
    • Reactor nominal capacity 30 liters
    • Alloy dissolution capacity 3 kg/cycle
    • Gasometer nominal capacity 1.5 m3
    • Max. operating temperature 100°C
  • Loading pump
    • Body PVDF
    • Membrane PTFE teflon
    • Spheres and seats PTFE teflon
    • Cycles per min. 170/min. max.
    • Capacity per cycle 340 cc
Hollowing time
Dissolution process is performed very quickly, therefore allowing to carry out 3 or more working cycles per day, granting a reduction of hollowing time of about 50 to 70% compared with traditional methods.
Automation and Process Control
The whole process is controlled by a micro-processor board which is of very simple use and allows even unskilled operators to run the plant satisfactorily. Process control, as well as all safety devices, are ensured also during power black-out.
Environment Protection
Closed-circuit cycle, without any emissions of gas or fumes in atmosphere and without any container under pressure.
Cost reduction
Cost of the copper dissolving process is reduced of about 80% compared with traditional systems.
Set up is carried out by highly skilled technicians.
Certification and safety
Mechanical safety: according to Directive 98/37/EEC.
Electrical safety: according to Directive 73/23/EEC and subsequent amendments, rules EN 60204-1.
Emissions of gas: according to Directive 80/779/EEC - 82/884/EEC - 84/360/EEC - 85/203/EEC.

Ex-Factory, Italy


Price: € 32.600,00
Packing: €850,00
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