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New Durston Goldpro® Double D4 158 Manual Mill

Inventory Number: D4158

Technical Specifications:

Customer surveys in several countries have shown a need for this type of mill to work with wider sheets up to 150mm with a very large reduction. As with the D2 120 there are two sets of rolls with the sheet rolls extended for D shapes (4 D's). Also in addition to this the wire rolls are also extended for 'D' shapes and a further 3 1/2 rounds on the wire roll, (please see chart for sizes)

The same high quality specification on the bearings and roll steel as the rest of the Durston range and or course, incorporating the high quality hardened helical gearing for long life and smooth operation.

An easy to read calibrated disc is provided for sheet rolls showing the roll gap in inches and millimetres. Fine pitch threads and gear tooth form allows for easy roll adjustment.

  • This Rolling Mill is supplied with two turning levers. The first (lever B) is used for heavy rolling – this incorporates a gear reduction of 11-1 or use the 2nd turning lever (lever A) for lighter rolling at twice the speed. (gear ratio of 5 – 1). Handle change over time is a few seconds.
  • A Triple stage gear reduction with two turning levers which are engineered to assure easy rolling with minimal effort. Ideal for the rapid reduction of rod and cast bar to the required size.
D4 158mm
Roller Drawing
Click to enlarge
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Roll Size
158mm x 60mm
158mm x 60mm
Flat Capacity
Flat Width
3 'D' Grooves
7, 6 & 5mm
Wire Capacity
10mm - 1mm
No of Wire Grooves
Gear Ratio
11 - 1 / 5 - 1
5 - 1 / 2.2 - 1
   Extention Rollers
4 'D' Grooves
4, 3, 2 & 1.5mm
3 'D' Grooves
8, 6 & 3.5mm
420 x 200 x 600
Net Weight


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