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Diamond Faceting Machines


2709-110 FMTD Tousdiamants Swiss Diamond Faceting Machine, Model T4DTG

2643-110 Benzinger Inside Turning Horizontal Ring Lathe Model # R3D -W/ Radius attachment & Precision Lever Operated Double Tool Cross Slide

2504-110 Tousdiamants Swiss 2-Head Diamond Faceting Machine Model # T2E

8702-110 Tousdiamants Diamond Faceting Toolholder

7101-110 FMTD Model T/2E Dual Head Diamond Facet Cutting Machine For Rings

6950-110 Tousdiamants T4-DTG Swiss Diamond Cutting Machine with Semi-Automatic Ring Divider

7075-110 FMTD Tousdiamants(Swiss) Diamond Faceting Machine For Rings

7074-110 Tousdiamants (Swiss) 2 Head (Vertical / Horizontal) Diamond Faceting Machine For Wedding Rings

9922-110 FMTD(Tousdiamants) Model T2E Swiss Diamond Faceting Machine

OMPAR SIM 1 – Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine for Rings and Bangles

OMPAR TGM – Diamond Tool Grinding Machine

NEW GoldPro® Patented diamond cutting machine Mod. “VRT-10”,

OMPAR 115 / 89 – High Precision Diamond Cutting for Wedding Rings & Bangles

OMPAR RA961 – Universal Diamond Cutting Machine

2337 Used Tousdiamants Type T2B Diamond Faceting Machine

1940 Used Vise for Diamond Cutting

1941 Used Vise for Diamond Cutting

1945 Used Vise for Diamond Cutting

1946 Used Vise for Diamond Cutting

1934 Used 150mm 2 Gang Diamond Toolholder

1932 Used Posalux Divider

1890-110 Used Posalux Swiss Diamond Faceting Machine

1202 New GoldPRO® Manual Revolving Dividing Unit

0684 Used Tousdiamants Model T4DTG Diamond Cutting Machine

9277 New Ompar/OroGold™ Tilting Vise -NEW IN STOCK

0974 Used Posalux Diamond Facet Cutting Machine

3802 Used Moyas Two Head Diamond Faceting Machine

3801-110 Moyas Single Head Diamond Faceting Machine

0713 Used Tousdiamants Model T4 Diam. Cutting Machine

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