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New GOLDPRO® Bertoncello Delta Series Vertical Continuous Casting Induction Furnaces

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Inventory Number: Delta Series

Technical Specifications:

All the G.B. F.LLI BERTONCELLO models of melting furnaces, mod. BETA static, mod. IDEAL with tilting crucible, mod. MINI - mod. DELTA - mod. LARRY - mod. ZEUS with vertical continuous casting, mod. LOGIC with horizontal continuous casting, have been designed by our engineers to achieve the best metallurgical quality on precious metal alloys melting process, with optional 1500°C melting temperature as required by some special alloys.


  • Perfect homogeneity of the alloys thanks to our Pulse Mixing System
  • Excellent casting even with low carat alloys and difficult sections thanks to the powerful pulling system with four rollers
  • High working speed thanks to the double cooling system of the die
  • Easy and fast setting and control by visual display unit
  • Certainty of maintaining the plant in good condition thanks to the self-diagnosing system and possible alarms with buzzer
  • Protection of crucible and die by argon or hydrogen gas
  • Protection of the melting chamber by aluminum casing easily and quickly removable to change the consumables
  • Crucible, die and thermocouples quick change for short set-up time
  • Pulling system with four rollers, stepper motor, closing and opening of the rollers with pneumatic control
  • Quick melting and high speed withdrawal of the profiles
  • New medium frequency generators
  • Silent working plant
  • Control of the working parameters by PLC and touch screen video, self-diagnosing and possible alarms with buzzer
  • Deoxidizing chamber of the profiles

Models & Specifications:

  dela_specs   dela

Available Ex-Factory, Italy

Lead Time Typically 6-8 Weeks

Model Delta 7 Starting At... € POR

Model Delta 12 Starting At... € POR

Packing & Fumigated Crate.... € 660.00

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