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New GoldPro® Balestri BT-SCRB-900 Fume Scrubber Tower

Inventory Number: BT-SCRB-900

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: BT-SCRB-900
  • Dimensions: 900 MM x 5,000 MM
  • Filling Media: PVC Corrugated Sheets
  • Pump Capacity: 9 mc/h
  • Suction Fan: 2.000 mc/h
  • Power Supply: 400 Volt / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Power: 3KW

DESCRIPTION: The unit is used to neutralize the fumes generated by chemical processes involving the use of acids, that cannot be directly released in the atmosphere. It is composed of one scrubber where a neutralizing solution is pumped from a tank placed at the bottom and sprayed through nozzles into the fumes flow. The unit is entirely made of polypropylene (PP), the vertical section (the scrubber) has a diameter of 900 mm. The height of the unit is 5.000 mm. The fumes are channeled through filling packs (PVC corrugated sheet) that facilitate their condensation and subsequent washing. The height of the internal filling material is 3 meters. A final section of droplet separators is also installed inside the tower. The tank is provided with an inspection window for the periodical check of the scrubbing solution. The pump installed has a maximum capacity of 9mc/h. The suction fan has a maximum capacity of 2000 mc/h.

Equipped With:

    • 1 pH meter and electrode
    • 1 Conductivity meter & probe
    • 1 Caustic soda dosing pump (controlled by the pH meter)
    • 1 Automatic water integration
    • Min & Max water level sensors
    • Control board


The proposed fumes scrubber can be equipped with the following instruments for the automatisation of the unit: a dosing device for NaOH administering, which is regulated by a pH reader. Also, a conductivity meter is provided to control the status of the neutralizing solution. Thanks to the instrument, the worn out solution is disposed in an exhausted liquid storage tank (not included in the present quotation) and replaced with a new one. All those instruments are mounted on a control board, with a very userfriendly set up.

BT-SCRB-900 Scrubber: € 11.800,00 Euros

pH AND Conductivity Controllers for Fume Scrubber: € 6.600,00 Euros

Ex-Factory, Italy

Packing & Freight TBD

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