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9287-310 Galloni ASEG MODULAR 6 Centrifugal Casting Machine for Jewelry Casting ~ Gold or Platinum

Inventory Number: 9287-310

Technical Specifications:

  • Electrical: 230 V / 3 ph /50/60 Hz - 6 Kw
  • New Year 2000
  • Max. crucible capacity: 3 kg fine gold - 0,5 kg platinum - 0,6 kg steel
  • Max. size flask: 150 mm diam. x 200 mm h.
  • Water cooling: built-in water pump to be connected to an external water tank
  • Compressed air: 3 BAR
  • Gas: argon or nitrogen
  • Dimensions and weight: 1020 mm w. x 1020 mm d. x 950 mm h - 270 kg


  • The MODULAR 6 NEW upgrades a machine which has enjoyed a fine reputation worldwide for over 20 years.
    The very latest technology makes available to lost-wax casters of precious metals a completely renewed centrifugal casting machine embodying the mosfet solid state generator system.
  • Automatic pneumatically-actuated coil lift system.
  • Programmable centrifuge speed: 200/250/300/350 RPM (or other speeds).
  • Programmable acceleration of the centrifuge rotation (up to maximum RPM for platinum casting in 1/3 seconds and 2 seconds for gold and silver alloys); continuously variable over a wide range.
  • Electronically controlled gas cover system.
  • Electrically-controlled fume extraction from crucible.
  • Programmable spin duration (dependent on metal volume).
  • Stepless heating power control.
  • Optical (infrared) pyrometry system for melt temperature control.
  • Adjustable blue glass screen for platinum melting.
  • Accessory “kits” for crucible capacities: 500/1000/2000/3000 grammes gold and from 50 to 200, 100 to 350 and 200 to 500 grammes platinum, also 650 grammes steel.
  • Maximum flask dimensions 150 mm ø x 200 mm h (6” ø x 8” h).
  • Casting arm with double hinge feature to ensure a linear and smooth entry of the molten metal into the flask (avoiding the turbulence porosity). Provision for permitting egress of entrapped gases through the investment mould.
  • All functions controlled by a PLC custom- designed microcomputer.
  • Easily adjusted balance counterweights on the casting arm.
  • Integral pressure-intensifier water pump for connection to an (external water tank not supplied ).
  • Reduced machine height for ease of operation and placing flasks on the arm. Machine easily broken down for entry into workshops with reduced access simply by removing four bolts

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