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9253-700 Accu-Screen Pneumatically Operated Silk Screen Machine

Inventory Number: 9253-700

Technical Specifications:

  • 4 - Pneumatic holders to hold work piece down over material to
  • complete the screen printing process
  • Maximum screen capacity: 19-1/2" x 24"
  • Overall dimensions: 48" x 48" x 40" high
  • Estimated weight: 150 lbs.

Equipped With:

  • 38-miscellaneous screens ~  as seen & photographed


Accu-Stretch Screen Stretching System

Printing at higher, uniform tensions provides faster production speeds, improved registration, longer screen and squeegee life, more consistent ink deposits and lower ink usage. The patented Accu-Stretch provides these benefits while eliminating complicated stretching systems, training and expensive tools. Self-equalizing stretch clamps provide uniform tension while minimizing fabric waste by enabling you to stretch directly from the fabric bolt. The modular design enables Accu-Stretch to be expanded to virtually any size and width of fabric and frame materials.

*The available sizes are the measurement of the inner area of the stretch supports, so you will want to choose a size that is slightly larger than the largest frame you will be using.

Product Features

  • Totally automatic: easy to operate, no tools or training required
  • Infinite screen tension adjustment throughout the entire printing area
  • Substantially increased screen mesh tensions
  • Stretch all frame materials: wood, aluminum, steel, etc.
  • Accommodates all types of fabric: polyester, nylon, stainless steel and metalized polyester
  • Total tension control
  • Unique brace bar provides maximum prebowing of the frame
  • Increased production through elevated precise tension levels
  • Save fabric - stretch directly from bolt
  • Reliable and accurate pneumatic design superior to any other method
  • Operates on very low air pressure
  • Maintenance free design throughout
  • No assembly or mounting required
  • Complete frame size adjustability

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