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8898-180 Italimpianti FIM/15Pt Melting Furnace for Platinum, Gold, Silver – 14.7 kW, 1-4 kg Pt

Inventory Number: 8898-180

Technical Specifications:

Unlike other low output generators commonly used for this purpose and
generally equipped with valves, this furnace produced by Italimpianti
Orafi is unique on the market in that it works at medium frequency
using high output generators. These offer a higher level of safety
concerning harmful high frequency emissions and guarantee an energetic
mixing of the alloys otherwise not possible.

Working temperature up to 2000°C
Possibility to use crucibles made out of different materials such as
graphite, clay-graphite, silicon carbide, zirconia silicate, ceramic
Automatic temperature control by immersion thermocouple or optical pyrometer.
Automatic power control regardless of quantity or type of metal
Computerised alarm diagnostics available in four languages. Alarm
messages appear on the display along with trouble-shooting guide
Automatic turn-off function for the furnace and cooling plant if not
used for a certain amount of time (useful at the end of the working
Circuit-check function on keyboard for an easy, guided remote control.
Pouring can be done by manual extraction of the crucible, tilting by
handwheel or hydraulic tilting

Technical Data:

  • 380v 3ph  50-60hz
  • absorbed power kW: 15
  • power output kW: 14.7
  • capacity of zirconia crucible (kg Pt): 1 - 4
  • capacity of zirconium silicate crucible (kg Pt): 1 - 3
  • melting time at max load (minutes): 17
  • temperature measurement: T/O
  • required cooling power (frig/h): 10500
  • chiller for 8 hours working: FRIGO51
  • on board pump: yes
  • minimum water flow rate to coil @ 25°C (l/min): 20
  • dimensions conv/tilt (mm): 800 x 1500 x 1730
  • weight: 550 kg


The electrical connection must be on a three phase + (PE) network. The
voltage used in your factory must be specified at the time of order
Available with 2 interchangeable melting boxes A and B (A-B)
T=thermocouple (type K,N,S): O=optical pyrometer
The machine is supplied with an internal closed cycle deionization
system permitting a simple connection between the furnace and an
industrial water supply

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