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7449-385 Holtzapffel & Company Ornamental Turning Lathe No. 1994 and Accessories, London

Inventory Number: 7449-385

Technical Specifications:

1852, marked on the headstock Holtzapffel & Co./64 Charing Cross/1994, the mahogany bench with flywheel, foot treadle, and fourdrawer accessory cabinet, iron bed with traversing mandrel, six-step headstock with main dividing head calibrated to 72, six-step brass driving wheel with dividing head of 96, 112, 144, 192, and 360 divisions, compound cross slide, tailstock, “Sheperd’s Crook”-type overhead crane and pulleys, eccentric and
spherical chuck, oval chuck, faceplate, slide rest, and additional mahogany cabinet with chucks and other accessories, wd. 42, dp. 28, ht. including overhead drive 86 in.



Holtzapffel & Co. Turning Tool Bits, mid to
late 19th century, twelve steel bits marked
Holtzapffel & Co., ranging in size from 8/16 to
16/16, housed in a hinged-lid wood box with
two trays, bit lengths 7 to 11 1/4 in.


Provenance: Ogden, The Pedigree of Holtzapffel Lathes, pp. 247-48 lists seven owners of this lathe starting with the second owner, Henry Pierrepont, Brooklyn, New York and then through family members by birth and marriage to Theodore R. Crom, Hawthorne, Florida, September, 1974.

Equipped With:

What is Ornamental Turning?

Ornamental Turning, also called Complex Turning, is executed on a lathe with attachments which convert a plain circular section to variants of outline; these range from a simple series of cuts taken at intervals around the work (so producing grooves or bumps on the surface) to non-circular movements whereby the whole of the circular shape is removed to give a completely different form. CLICK HERE FOR HISTORICAL INFORMATION

Such shapes are achieved by various means, primarily thru the used of fixed or revolving cutters being introduced to the work in radial and non-radial paths. Movement of the work and cutters individually and or seperatly can achieve a nearly endless variety of patterns and shapes. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OT


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