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6947-385 Antique Holtzapffel Ornamental Turning Lathe, Circa 1860’s

Inventory Number: 6947-385

Technical Specifications:

  • Serial Number 1995
  • 5" center height
  • Screw mandrel,
  • Brass pulley with standard six row division plate
  • Star nut
  • Screw barrel tailstock
  • Ornamental slide rest
  • Index point and spring
  • Treadle gear
  • Double mahogany frame
  • Shepherd's crook overhead drive for cutting frames

Equipped With:

  • 6 - metal spring chucks with tapered nose for transfer chuck
  • 4 - cup chucks, wood screw worm chuck, tailstock
    drilling pad, 2-slide die chuck, running center chuck
    with carrier, hollow screw chuck, four prong chucks
  • 2 - tapered square socket chucks
  • Hand rest with 3-tees, boring collar attachment, wrenches
  • Spiral apparatus with complete set of change
    gears, banjo, spiral chuck, surface spiral apparatus
  • Universal cutting frame, vertical cutting frame,
    eccentric cutting frame, internal cutting frame,
    curvilinear apparatus, fluting stops, standard
    set of six threading hobs.
  • Eccentric chuck, oval chuck and ring, transfer chuck for each


What is Ornamental Turning?

Ornamental Turning, also called Complex Turning, is executed on a lathe with attachments which convert a plain circular section to variants of outline; these range from a simple series of cuts taken at intervals around the work (so producing grooves or bumps on the surface) to non-circular movements whereby the whole of the circular shape is removed to give a completely different form. CLICK HERE FOR HISTORICAL INFORMATION

Such shapes are achieved by various means, primarily thru the used of fixed or revolving cutters being introduced to the work in radial and non-radial paths. Movement of the work and cutters individually and or seperatly can achieve a nearly endless variety of patterns and shapes. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OT


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