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6677-185 NEW *IN STOCK* Italimpianti FIM/5NT Melting Furnace for Gold and Silver Alloys – 5.1 kW, 6 kg Au, Manual Extraction S/N 1192

Inventory Number: 6677-185

Technical Specifications:

  • 220v / 3 phase / 50/60 cycle
  • absorbed power kW 5.5
  • power output kW: 5.1
  • capacity of graphite crucible (kg Au): 6
  • melting time at max load (minutes) from cold: 15
  • temperature measurement: T/O
  • required cooling power (frig/h): 1700
  • minimum flow rate @ 25°C (l/min): 6
  • dimensions (mm): 485x510xx915
  • weight: 190 kg
  • Crucible Dimensions
    • Int. diam. 60 mm
    • Ext.diam. 80 mm
    • Int. height 125 mm



Equipped With:

  • Comes with 6 graphite crucibles
  • Thermocouple


  • Absolute alloy homogeneity guaranteed by the medium frequency converter
  • Reduction of melting losses due to uniform temperature distribution on the melting material. This avoids the ‘skin effect’ typical of high frequency converters
  • Better malleability of the alloys allowing for considerable section reductions without annealing
  • Possibility to use different types of crucibles including graphite, clay-graphite, silicon carbide, etc.
  • Automatic temperature control by immersion thermocouple or optical pyrometer
  • Automatic power control regardless of quantity or type of metal
  • Computerised alarm diagnostics available in four languages with trouble-shooting guide lines.
  • Automatic turn-off function for the furnace and cooling plant if not used for a certain amount of time
  • Pouring can be done by manual extraction of the crucible, tilting by handwheel or hydraulic tilting
  • A closed cycle deionization system for cooling water is available as a standard feature on the larger furnaces. This system greatly reduces maintenance operations on these plants.


FOB: Gold Machinery Pawtucket, RI

Price: $12,300 USD

Graphite Crucible + Holders Additional $84

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