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3025-700 Polypropylene Heated Acid Passivation Acid Processing & Chemical Wet Process W/Rinse Tank System

Inventory Number: 3025-700

Technical Specifications:

  • Consisting of 8 Polypro Tanks total Controls, heaters & pumps
  • Voltage required 220V 3 ph & 110 v 1ph 50/60 cycle
  • 5 Poly pro tanks with Inside dimension of 18" x 22-1/2" x 26" depth
  • 2 Poly pro tanks with Inside dimension of 22" x 22" x 30" depth
  • 1 Poly pro rinse tank on stand Inside dimension of 51" x 26" x 13" deep
  • Estimated Floor space required L- R 27 ft x 48" f-B
  • Estimated weight 500 LBS total

Equipped With:

  • Phanaliser ts-1251 Rinse water controller
  • Controls acid pumps /base pump /heaters for tank 1 and tank 2 tank level & PH control
  • 2 Electromatic dosing pumps model B73-72s (max GPF 4.50 /PSI 5000)
  • One plastic hood for fume removal
  • Filtration system W/Dayton motor


Two-tank are passivate and rinse system using polypropylene tanks.  Fabricated tanks and custom controls for heating the solution (heat speeds the passivation process) and circulate the citric based solution to insure both a continuous flow of the solution around and through the parts and maintain a uniform temperature of the solution in all parts of the tanks.  The constant flow of the solution also eliminates the possibility of stagnation adding to the overall useful life of the chemistry.
Our wet systems are used for semiconductor chemical handling of various applications, electro-chemical processing and/or acid processing as well as other chemical wet process applications.
Common Applications for Wet Benches and Chemical Handling Benches
Medical device stent polishing / deburring of stainless steel and cobalt chrome
Industrial, aerospace and medical device stainless steel passivation per ASTM A967 with:
Nitric acid passivation type 1, 2, 3, 4 with sodium dichromate
Citric acid passivation type 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 ASTM A967 using Stellar Solution’s Citrisurf
Printed circuit board and silicon semiconductor photoresist stripping using chemistry like ACT970 etch residue remover and others
Medical device electropolishing of titanium (Ti) and nickel titanium (nitinol) which require exhausting

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