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2917-210 Dreher FT 4/10 VT High Energy Centrifugal Planetary Barrel Wet/Dry Tumbler

Inventory Number: 2917-210

Technical Specifications:

  • Year of MFG 1988
  • Serial Number 88.4373
  • Voltage (230V/3ph 50/60 HZ
  • 6.5 Amp
  • Barrel capacity (liter) 2 x 2.5
  • Height (mm) 650
  • Width (mm) 760
  • Depth (mm) 590
  • Weight (kg) 120
  • Power Input (KW) 0.55

Equipped With:

  • 8 total - 2.5 Barrels
  • 4 Lids -Lock Bars


These high speed/high energy machines are Capability of bidirectional mode and fixtu- being processed the next set could be loaideal for deburring, smoothing, rounding, ring of delicate parts ded and ready to be installed saving you cutting and polishing parts to a high luster. Environmentally sound - little waste valuable time*. The barrels, made with steel The process times required to finish parts in water and plastic insert or made from stainless the FT Series machines is proven to be consi- steel, have three lid locks and are held secuderably less than other mechanical systems rely in the machine with a barrel lock down available. Simultaneous wet and dry processing in the bar. Additionally, a stainless steel workstaFT centifugal barrel machine sets this pro- The high speeds and energy are achieved by tion can be purchased equipped with a cessing capability apart from all others. The water/spray gun in order to assist in separa- fast rotation of the turret in a counterclockwet process allows the operator to cut and wise direction while the four individual bar- ting and cleaning parts and media. DREHER deburr, round and smooth the surface. The also offers a lifting crane to assist the opera- rels rotate clockwise on their own axes producing the most effectual movement of the dry, one- or two-step process allows you tor for the larger, heavier sized barrels. media over and through the parts. to fine smooth the parts and polish to a mir- * exchange of four barrels within 2 min. ror bright finish. Part against part processing Processing parts in a centrifugal barrel Accessoires: is also possible. machine has essential advantages: Lifting crane for easy barrel handling Two processing possibilities: Fastest and most efficient possible proces- Stainless steel work station with fresh Small parts can be processed loose in the sing times water intake barrel Even, consistent finish without parts colli- Fixtures for large size or delicate parts Larger or delicate parts can be fixtured to ding avoid damage.


Medical: Stents, implant parts (i.e. heart val- (bidirectional) in order to guarantee an ves), knee joints, medical clips, bone screws even surface finish. DREHER FT Seriesmachines can be equipped for this type of Dental: Dentures, crowns, dental prothesis parts processing capability (VTA).
Electrical: Contacts, plugs
Jewelry: Gold, silver, platinum, titanium parts
Aerospace: Turbine blades, jet engine
parts, ball bearings
Precision Parts: Stamped parts, turned parts
Optical Industry: Eye wear rims, temples, hingesand much more

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