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2536-185 RDO LC Series Lift & Pour Induction Melting Furnace, Bench Top, Model LC-12

Inventory Number: 2536-185

Technical Specifications:

  • 220V/3PH/60HZ
  • S/N: KiGM-240-0811-1767
  • Year of manufacture: 2012
  • Power supply: 12 KW
  • Crucible capacity:  12 kg-18k au/ 8kg au 0.925
  • Water cooling: system requires water cooling
  • Melting time: approx. 10 minutes for 12 kg gold
  • Features:
    •  Microprocessor controlled
    •  Easy quiet operation
    •  IGBT based solid state generator
    •  Limit & failure diagnostics
    •  Furnace section completely isolated from electronics
    •  Double wound induction coil for enhanced metal stirring
  • Overall dimensions: 28.25" x 18.5" x 17" high
  • Estimated weight: 100 lbs.


Ideal for gold, silver, copper, brass & aluminum
and high temperature low grade scrap, such as
dental scrap, bench sweeps
Note: can be set up for melting steel, platinum,
and palladium ( consult factory)


New replacement price: approx. $ 15,000.-

Equipped With:

  • User's Manuals


The LC Lift and Pour series is our bench-mark induction melting furnace for larger volume high speed melting. Ideal for melting gold, silver, copper, brass and aluminum and high temperature low grade scrap, such as Dental scrap. The LC series induction melter has the highest output efficiency rating in the industry. It is highly flexible, where a customer can purchase a 10 or 12kg machine and purchase a smaller induction coil that can be installed in minutes for smaller batch melting.


These LC induction furnaces can be set up for processing up to 4, 6, 10 and 12 kg of gold using power supplies ranging from 5 to 12 kW of power for fast melt times. A full volume of gold will melt is approximately 10 minutes and the volumes for silver and copper will be less than the gold volume.


In side by side testing with other leading melters in the world market we have found that output power ratings and efficiencies can be misleading. A buyer would feel that if they are purchasing a 10 kW melter they should be getting essentially the same performance from any similarly rated melter they purchase. This, unfortunately, could not be further from the truth and happy to say that the LC induction furnace gets to temperature faster and gets hotter than every leading system we have tested against. The output efficiency of the LC circuit can be the difference in melting success when smelting mined materials, low grade scrap, such as dental scrap, and bench sweeps, which require higher temperatures for successful melting. This is not a claim, it is a fact based on extensive testing and have complete confidence that the purchase of an LC lift and pour induction melting furnace would provide the buyer the best, most efficient induction melter in the world market today.

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