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1969-180 Inductotherm Model 100 Hydraulic Tilt-Pour Dura-Line Furnace W/Alumina Crucible

Inventory Number: 1969-180

Technical Specifications:

  • Year of MFG 1993
  • S/N 14042-05-93
  • Standard Features:
    • Tilt Pouring Control While Maintaining Metal Trajectory
    • Hydraulic Tilting
  • Overall dimensions 43" x 27" x 30"h
  • Inside melting dimensions 7 " diameter by 12" depth


Dura-Line® Furnaces are ideal for when you want big furnace features in a midsize melter. They have a body constructed of heavy, cast refractory top and bottom sections with stainless steel reinforcement, providing a strong and rigid support for the heavy-duty, copper power coil and the working lining. The full-section cast metal side plates complete the structure and provide mounting support for the tilting trunnion and hydraulic tilting cylinders. Large diameter vertical and horizontal stainless steel tie rods ensure complete structural integrity. The same construction is used for either hoist or hydraulic tilting furnaces, providing single-trunnion action and “nose-title” pouring. For front exiting leads, a metallic splash plate across the front of the furnace provides full protection to the coil during melting and pouring and is easily removed to connect the water-cooled leads and for maintenance. Hydraulically operated furnaces are provided with stanchions that protect the cylinders and hydraulic piping.


Dura-Line® Furnaces with an Optional Double-Trunnion, Hydraulic Tilt Design offers the precision pouring control you need if your induction melting and casting operation requires a precise pour into a stationary opening. This design features two separate pivot axes for a smooth and controlled pouring action. As Double-Trunnion, Hydraulic Tilt Dura-Line® Furnaces are tilted for pouring, the pivot point moves from the first axis, which is closer to the center of the furnace, to the second axis, which is in line with the tip of the pouring spout. This carefully designed tilting mechanism ensures minimum travel of the molten metal stream once pouring has started, while providing maximum “reach”. The Double-Trunnion, Hydraulic Tilt Dura-Line® Furnace’s smooth and controlled pouring action makes it ideal when an exact pour position must be maintained. This action also permits faster controlled pouring.

Equipped With:

  • Alumina crucible
  • Hydraulic shiftier - inlet outlet connectors

This unit is NOT with the Induction Power Source and Hydraulic Pump & Tank. 

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